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Welcome to Drug Testing

Welcome to Drug Testing

a division of Laboratory Consulting, LLC

Laboratory Consulting, LLC

Starting a drug screening lab in your practice can be incredibly stressful. First, you have to understand the regulations and guidelines that control the licensure, compliance, and personnel processes. Then, you have to purchase or lease the right analyzer, one that will yield great results without breaking the bank. So, you are faced with investing your lime, money, and effort into bringing on a new process in your practice; a process that requires exact compliance with federal regulations and holds negative consequences if those regulations are not met.

The entire experience can leave you frustrated, anxious and worried, especially if you mistakenly entrust this critical process to a sales rep or an inexperienced Laboratory Consultant.

My business, Laboratory Consulting, LLC, has set up, from scratch, over 220 drug screening laboratories in the pain management industry. Since 2003 we have specialized in drug screening compliance.

I have developed a complete turn-key system for both bringing a screening laboratory in-house and giving my clients the tools and training to meet all their compliance needs.